The B-Town Improv Hoedown

Learn, laugh, and do some good at Bloomington's first and only improv festival!

2019BIH_logo.pngThe B-Town Improv Hoedown features daytime workshops for professionals and performers, as well as evening comedy shows for all ages. All proceeds will benefit the IIDC Theater Programs, including Camp Yes And. Scroll down for more information and registration/ticket links!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

122 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404

Event information and tickets (click "+" to expand):

"Yes, and…" Improv(e) Your Public Speaking Confidence

This workshop will introduce professionals to improv basics, focusing on the skills one should have in order to be successful in public speaking – and in life.

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Improv for Educators

This professional learning workshop focuses on using improv to strengthen academic and social-emotional learning for students with and without disabilities.

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Improv for Design Thinking

In this workshop, professionals will experience the ways that improvisation fosters the mindset required to fully engage in design thinking.

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Improv for Teens

Are you a teen who wants to practice the fundamentals of improv theater? Whether you’re a true beginner or one with true beginner’s mind, join the fun!

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Improv for Beginners

Beginners will learn the fundamentals of improv theater, focusing on communication, listening, and trusting your artistic impulses. 

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Longform Improv Intensive

Improvisers of all skill levels will explore the dynamics of performing longer scenes and being ALL IN with their scene partners.

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Community Improv Jam

Are you ready to get on stage and try some improv? All are welcome – from seasoned improvisers to complete newbies!

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ComedySportz: Competitive Improv for All Ages

Two teams battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot, in the spirit of TV’s "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Enjoy comedy for everyone, from ages 4 to 104!

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Science Fiction Double Feature: The Improvised Rockin' Horror Show

This completely improvised rock musical comedy pays tribute to the classic B-movies of the 1930s-60s. Put on your costume and get ready to dance!

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